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Who is Jim Whitehouse?

“What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once wrote. But I believe he said that as “tongue-in-cheek.” Because there is a lot of importance in a name. Jim Whitehouse proves this fact time and time again. While he holds no government office, he believes that the strength of a city, state and country are directly reflected in the strength of individuals. He enjoys working with people and families to help strengthen their wealth portfolios so that they can have time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Jim Whitehouse is a Portfolio Manager and Vice President with Whitehouse Wealth Management Group at National Bank Financial Wealth Management, a well-organized elite group of wealth experts who have your best interests at heart when it comes to making sound investment decisions. His years of experience in the financial and investment industry have taught him that people are his best resource. He uses sound financial judgment, coupled with sound investment principles to formulate a plan that will help his clients reach new heights of success with his unique approach to portfolio management.

How Jim Can Help

The financial industry can be difficult to navigate. You need a sound financial advisor to see you through the rough spots so that you can “sleep well at night.” In fact, that is the motto of Jim’s website. SWAN (Sleep Well at Night), is the focus of Jim Whitehouse’s approach to handling financial affairs for many families, and he can help you too. Jim takes the time to get to know his clients on a personal level so that he can act with the same assurance and integrity that he would if he were handling his affairs. He understands the responsibility involved in advising people on their financial decisions.

Through a carefully thought out, goal-driven SWAN profile, he will sit down with his clients and figure out the best plan of action. Working with his clients every step of the way is one of the techniques Jim uses daily to truly offer clients “peace of mind.”

Ethics are Important to Jim

One of the things that Jim will not compromise is Ethics. He understands fully the risk involved in investing, and he cares for his client’s money as though it were his own. That’s why ethics are so important to Jim Whitehouse and the way he does business.

The Benefit of SWAN

The SWAN idea came from months of considering what clients need in this world of unpredictability. It is peace of mind. With the peace of mind that Jim Whitehouse offers his clients through dedicated attention to his clients’ needs, you truly can feel at ease that your money is in the right hands.

Jim has worked in investments for a very long time and now, as a Portfolio Manager and Vice-President with National Bank Financial Wealth Management, Jim has the opportunity help build financial stability with his clients.

Jim gets a great sense of satisfaction from helping his clients to build their wealth and moving them from a state of uncertainty to a sense of well-being. This helps him (and his clients) to sleep well at night.

TThe Whitehouse Wealth Management Group works with the National Bank Financial Wealth Management group to help clients with their SWAN approach.

Jim's Work History

Jim’s work history speaks for itself. He has 29 years of experience in the Finance and Investing industries and has an impressive portfolio before that as well.

Here is a quick look at his list of experiences:

  • Portfolio Manager and Vice-President at National Bank Financial Wealth Management (2004-Present)
  • Investment Advisor and Vice-President at RBC Dominion Securities (Feb. 1988-Jan. 2004)
  • Professional networker (Jan. 2014-2015)

This impressive financial background has led Jim Whitehouse to be the savvy investment and wealth management strategist he is today. And he enjoys helping individuals and families find their way in a confusing world of finance. So they can sleep well at night. 

The Approach of Whitehouse Wealth Management Group

Jim Whitehouse and his group at Whitehouse Wealth Management Group believe in a variety of high ethics qualities that they will not sacrifice:

  • Conservative Investing- At the heart of Jim’s business is a conservative approach to investing. He takes a cautious approach to investing.
  • Communication and Honesty-Jim believes that communication and honesty between himself and his clients if of the utmost importance. He proves this by the way he communicates with his clients on a regular basis to update them on any changes, how he is investing their money, and always provides an honest answer.
  • Discretionary Management- Jim understands the importance of discretionary management when it comes to your investments, and he works hard to achieve this on a daily basis.
  • Transparent Costs-There are no hidden costs or surprises with Whitehouse Wealth Management Group. Just like their other policies, they are alway upfront and honest about every transaction and policy.


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